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ELISEAH Williams-Dixon


Eliseah Williams-Dixon is the daughter of Benita Williams. She's the current CEO of the company. She has a masters degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Eliseah is a distinguished US Military Veteran. Eliseah has a unique touch to add to the program as well. She's worked hand in hand with her mother building this program, so she's very familiar with its structure. 


Benita Williams CDAC, NCRS, MISA1,


Ms. William adds a unique touch to the environment. She has many years setting up and running recovery homes. She has a direct and realistic approach dealing with addiction. Together these two share a common goal. "helping the addict who still suffers". Providing a safe, clean environment and services to the client,
allowing them to grow and become productive members of society.

Professional Affiliations

One Voice Community Coalition (OVCC) | Illinois Association of Extended Care (IAEC) | Association of halfway Houses and alcohol Programs (AHHAP)

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