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Success Stories

Chris K.'s success story is one of chains broken and a life being rebuilt. Chris would normally have a quiet, sullen face as he consistently would decline to share anything about how he was doing when it came his turn in the morning group. Hurt and broken were apt descriptions. Having felt the frustration of personal failure and the loneliness of being an outcast because of his prison experience, Chris had retreated into a self made bondage of anger, unforgiveness and despair.


Those links in the chain of pain in his life seemed unbreakable.  But that is where the structure of the program at Hand N Hand was able to chisel away at those links and eventually changed his life. The program was able to help Chris gain consistent employment, plugged him into treatment that helped him overcome challenge areas in his life and put a smile on his face as he was able to save and afford to move into an apartment.  All of this after only six months of exiting prison and landing on his feet at Hand N Hand.


After a day of work as a productive citizen in society, Chris relaxes and views programs on his TV that Hand N Hand provided as a reward for Chris being one of the first in reaching his goal of focused work, both at his place of employment and in the way he thinks about situations in life. 

Way to go Chris!




Over the past two decades there have been thousands helped. Many have successfully graduated from the program. Here is just a portion of those who graduated the program since 2021:

John N.

Jesus F.

Patrick R.

Efrain C.

Robert G.

Christopher K.

Alfredo L.

Richard J.

Joseph T.

Roderick L.

Alexander T.

Joseph E.

Robert D.

Anton R.

Stephen H.

Darion T.

William P.

Shane M.

Vernon H.

Danielle W.

Armani F.

Albert G.

Jon R.

Richard D.

Adam R.

David F.

Jeremy S.

Russell W.

Jackie F.

Luis P.

Sydney R.

Jose M.

James E.

Eric P.

Stephen S.

Carl D.

Michael K.

Brian P.

Juan M.

Jose M.

Jose V.

Rogoberto G.

Alejandro G.

Juan C.

Rafeal L.

Roberto S.

Marquice S.

Jahmaal M.

Alberto G.

Cantrell C.

Hector M.

David N.

Jeffrey L.


Joe T. Came to Hand to Hand on a Journey to reunite with loved ones. An experienced US Navy Veteran, Joe was looking for a new opportunity after incarceration. Joe plugged into all that the Hand N Hand program offered. within 9 months Joe was gainfully employed, in a place of his own with a vehicle and a bright future ahead of him. Joe mentions that the Program reminded him of the best parts of his Navy experience. The focus on achieving goals and the sense of accomplishment when having done so. WAY TO GO JOE!!!


Richard J. carried his own personal rain cloud with him. He would often admit to the struggles he felt as a brilliant and intellectually gifted person haunted by the memories of childhood traumas including issues with weight, bullying and racism. Always desiring to see the brighter side of the situation but frequently bowing under the pressure of his sense of disappointment at his own self sabotaging of success, it seemed Richard was adept at grasping defeat from the jaws of victory.  

Hand N Hand did not let go of its grasp on Richard and the possibility of success. Richard was chosen to assist in facilitating some aspects in the twelve step recovery portions of the Hand N Hand program.  He also became a role model in how he persistently maintained an excellent work ethic that not only rapidly gained him a permanent position with a company where he was working a temporary assignment, but his application of the principles and guidance provided at Hand N Hand assisted him in moving into his own apartment and having the company he now permanently worked for create a management position suited to his skill set.

Richard marvels at how much he was able to accomplish with a little over six months of being part of the Hand N Hand community upon exiting from prison.  His example of success has encouraged others and has been a motivating factor in the success of others at Hand N Hand.

Nowdays Richard doesn't bring a raincloud along, he brings sunshine and a can do attitude.

Richard has shown that with faith as tiny as a mustard seed, great things are possible!

What a great example Richard!


More success stories coming soon!


More success stories coming soon!

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